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NFT resale is welcomed by artists

I'm a fan and I don't feel comfortable reselling.
No need to worry. Resale is a way for artists to make money.

NFT are more valuable when resold.

Like Picasso's work.
If more people want it, the value will increase and the price will rise.
Famous paintings often increase in price each time they are resold.

If there is a QUEEN's music NFT, there are many people who would like to have it.
If it can be sold at a high price, there will be people who will part with it.
If there are many people who want a piece, it is possible to sell it at a higher price than when you bought it.

If there are no buyers, it is the same too NFT that they will not sell and prices will drop.

NFT are given back to the artists when they are distributed secondarily.

If you sell a CD at a secondhand store
Of course, there is no profit for the artist.

However, NFT has a system of smart contracts that
up to 10% of sales can be returned to the artist.
Each resale increases revenue.

This is what attracted me to the world of NFT.
I have since become addicted to the joy of NFT by actually buying it.


Artists were only able to earn revenue from primary distribution.
NFT has made it possible for artists to earn revenue from secondary distribution.

Selling NFT can be a win-win situation, bringing in money for the artist as well as the fans.
NFT resale

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